Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fun, Fun, Fun Fabric

Look what arrived in my mailbox today!  I was the prize winner (see last post) chosen from 150 entries!

And now I get to play with them.  What to do?  Decisions, decisions.:)

I've had fun this past week dyeing more cotton.  Here's a picture of three pieces I did.

 The pieces on each end were done with snow dyeing and the middle one was done with a fold technique using clothespins to hold the folds.  To me it looks almost like stars in the sky.  I have done some Shabori and used a soy wax resist on it, new to me.  Quilting Arts has an article in their most recent magazine. I'll be checking to  see how I did later today.

I have some UFO's I'm trying to get caught up on and I'm working on another art quilt featuring roller skates.  The metal ones that we attached to our shoes back a few years ago.  I just loved roller skating!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lucky Me!

I've been following the Printed Fabric Bee and I'm working along with them here at home.  I entered their beginning of the New Year prize drawing...And won!  I follow a couple of the artists blogs and it will be fun to include some of their fabric in some of my art quilts.  I'm just a beginner, but I just love dyeing, painting and printing on fabric.  Try some, it's such fun and it's your own design, OOAK!  Here's what I won:
Six inch squares of each of these!  Fun, fun, fun!!

Here's one of my printed fabrics from the "Orange Circles" month.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Here we go into another year!  Christmas was delightful and busy.  I finished my gifts just in time.  I'm always last minute with these things.  I'll share with you some of the silk scarfs I dyed.  I used the Shabori method on some and I tried out the Dye Magnet product with mixed results.

 I started with white 100% silk scarfs.  I prepared them for dyeing and wrapped them around PVC pipe, scrunched them down and applied the dye.  I used black cherry first, then black on this one.  I was pleased with the results.

 Four of the completed gifts.

 I dyed these next two with a product called Dye Magnet.  You dye with one color after applying the Dye Magnet.  The areas where you apply the product catches more of the dye in the process. Potato masher used to print this scarf.  Interesting.
 This was printed with a kitchen utensil and Dye Magnet, then dyed this beautiful pink color.

 This scarf was dyed using the Shabori method.  After it dried on the PVC pipe, I applied drops of brown liquid paint, let that dry, then unwrapped to find this!  I like it!

 I dyed this scarf after applying Dye Magnet using a thermofax screen and a paint roller.  I'm not quite sure about this one.  It might need more work.

Here are my final products!  What fun it is to see what you will get when you play with these processes!
I look forward to the New Year with More Time To Play!