Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 2017

JULY a Wonderful Month!!

I had a lovely vacation the beginning of the month and enjoyed spending time with my children and grandchildren.  A few boat rides on the lake in son's boat, fireworks, cookouts, swimming, relaxing by the lake, campfires, taking pictures of wildlife, laughter and sunshine. Happy times!

We went to a car show at Castle In The Clouds.  We haven't done that in a few years since the shows are usually on Saturdays and we have been doing a Farmers/Crafts Market every Saturday for a few years. 

Near the end of the month I taught a class on Eco Printing and Dyeing to a few friends.  They said they enjoyed it and others would like me to teach the class again.  I'll do that possibly in the fall.  I continue to eco-print and dye scarves to sell at upcoming craft fairs.  We have a fair every Saturday in August.  It would be nice to have sunny Saturdays for the month!!

Peace & Love,
Remember to Play a Little Each Day!

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 2017

June 2017

This month has brought us much rain.  Today we had a nice loud thunder storm!

I was one lucky winner of a free on-line class taught by Kathy Hays of Florida.  She teaches Eco-Printing and Dyeing with natural dyes.
I've printed a few scarves and I'm looking forward to sharpening my skills.
Here are samples of a few I've done recently:

Remember to Play a Little Every Day!
Peace, Diane

A Bit of This and That for March

It's near the end of the month now and we've had some beautiful weather along with some very cold snowy days.  We are all quite tired of the snow and anticipate seeing sweet spring flowers popping through the thawed out earth.

As you can see this photo was taken in 2008.  There was quite an ice dam on my roof.  This fall I had a steel roof installed so I don't have this problem anymore!  Right now we have about this much snow on the ground but at least my roof is clear.  I no longer have Direct TV either, but cable.  I was happy with the old service but my neighbors pine trees grew so tall they blocked the signal to my dish.

Remember, Play a Little Every Day!