Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time To Clean The Pond!

Today was finally the day.  I have a small garden pond (Lowe's made) and it's been in need of cleaning for some time.  It was just to hot and muggy lately to consider getting out there to do it!  I use my shop vac to pull the water out and I was very careful not to get the little frog that enjoys the pond.  He stayed on the far end and when almost all the water was drained, he hopped out!  I had tried to catch him before I started the draining process, but he was just too quick.  Good thing he is quick, the neighbors have a cat that visits the pond and she would probably love to get her claws into him.  So far, so good! 
So there I am draining, emptying the vac, draining some more, emptying, draining...well you get the picture. When the water was quite low I noticed something swimming around!  Was it a polliwog?  Maybe.  Nope, it was a small fish!  I did suck one up into the vac but saved it and put it in a pail of water until I was finished.  Guess what, another fish!  I managed to miss that one and he stayed in the pond until I was all set and ready to add the fresh water.  The plants have returned, the fish are fine, the fountain has returned, but not the little frog.  Maybe tomorrow.

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