Tuesday, December 27, 2016


It's been a busy year with farmer's markets and craft fairs and we've enjoyed every minute of it.  We hope you stop by and see us next summer when we return to the Bristol Farmer's Market.  Our holiday craft fairs were successful and we met many kind and thoughtful people. Sales of silk scarves and wooden utensils this year were very positive.  I look forward to the winter break and I will enjoy getting back to my sewing machine!  More fiber art to come this next year.
Bristol Farmer's Market on a Chilly Day.

Christmas was busy again this year but I planned ahead a bit and bought some gifts throughout the year, some at craft fairs we attended. My grandchildren are all grown up now so we don't have the abundance of toys for them to open.  My grandson Shawn did get a Virtual Reality Headset and we all got to take a turn.  It's used with a cell phone.  I took a ride on two roller coasters and flew in the air around mountains all while sitting on my sofa! I loved it!!! Here's a picture of grandson Dillon giving it a try.

Almost the end of another year!  Happy New Year to All!

Remember to Play a Little Every Day.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Tomorrow night little kids and some bigger kids will be knocking on my door.  "Trick or Treat"?  I'm all set with a box of 30 original size chocolate bars and a bag of smaller ones.  I love seeing the little ones all dressed up in their costumes.  There are some very talented, creative parents out there. :)

My grandchildren are all grown up now so I don't get to see them as often.  Two of them are in college and they will have Halloween Parties with their friends.  They do post photos on Facebook so I will see their costume choices.  My youngest grandson is 16 and I'm not sure what his plans are this year.  I believe last year he stayed home and passed out candy.  Our local recreation department has a party each year with candy and activities for the children.  That was held yesterday.

Sometimes getting older and "growing out" of activities isn't fun.
But with Halloween people of all ages can celebrate in some way.  There are corn mazes to go through, pumpkin chunk'n events and more!  I'll be celebrating with my brother at his nursing home.  I will be dressed as a witch and we'll have a nice lunch.  The home is already decorated for the holiday and I'm sure we'll all have a delightful time!

Remember to Play a Little Each Day!
Peace and Happy Halloween, Diane 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Delicious Fall Recipe posting again!

Here's the Link to the delicious Apple Pizza!!!!
You can find it on my Blog Archives

Friday, October 14, 2016

October Already!

October 2016
We are having a beautiful fall here in New Hampshire!  The foliage is outstanding and that surprised me because I was expecting it wouldn't be as nice considering we've been in drought conditions. But here it is, just beautiful!

Ronnie and I have had a very successful fair season so far.  He's hand crafting wooden utensils, especially spoons, most every day. He is a Guest Artist at a lovely shop in Plymouth, NH called Artistic Roots.  The open house for the new work featured there will be held on October 20th.

We both did well at a fair at the Livery in Sunapee, NH last weekend.  I sold all scarves but three that I brought to sell!  I must get busy and make more.  I enjoy seeing what comes from the selection of leaves and flowers I use.  It never gets old.  I'm selling out of the silk scarves using men's neckties that are created with a transfer dye process.  I have sun shopping at thrift stores for more silk neck ties to add to my collection!

Remember to Play a Little Each Day!
Peace, Diane

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September 2016

Yes, September is here.  I knew it had to come but I wasn't in any hurry for it.  I love spring and summer and hate to see it end. Every year I hope to do so much and get so much accomplished in the spring and summer months.  How does life get in the way? I probably don't make good use of my time.  To much reading books on dyeing, fiber art and photography perhaps, instead of DOING!

Fall is a wonderful season and I'll be taking more pictures of our beautiful fall foliage and gathering leaves for dye printing scarves and fabric.

I'm learning more and more about natural dyeing and how to print with botanicals.  One of my favorite sites is a facebook page called, "Printing Botanicals".  I joined last week and I've already learned so much.  It's made up of wonderful people who are willing to share their experiments in dyeing with all of us.  Now instead of reading books, I'm checking out their facebook page every day to see what's new.  I have to get back to the ocean soon to get some sea water to dye with, I've heard it's wonderful.  We'll have to wait and see.

We still have wonderful warm weather but the days are getting shorter with the sun setting at 7:30 pm now.  I don't like that part of the season.  I want daylight!!

Granddaughters are off to their second year of college, one grandson is working full time and the youngest is starting his sophomore year of high school.  I wish them all a successful and fun year!!

Ronnie and I have had a successful summer at the craft & farmer's market and the fairs we have participated in.
My children are well and had an enjoyable summer as did my grandchildren.  My brother Sid and sister Dot enjoyed time on the MS Mt. Washington with me.  My family and friends are dear to me and I'm very thankful for every one of them!  On to the next season.

Remember to Play a Little Every Day!
Peace, Diane

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August is a Hot One this year!

"It's not so much the heat as the humidity."  So true for this month.  Sadly the heat has taken it's toll on some of my flowers.  I water most every day, but this constant heat has done some of them in I'm afraid.  Especially my glads!  I have some that are near blooming and they have turned brown and died. 
Some of my garden has been satisfactory though and I did get some good pictures of many plants I have.

I did well at the New London, NH Hospital Fair.  I sold all the men's tie scarves I had there and came home with only four of my eco-print dyed scarves. Now to get busy making more! We'll be at another church fair in Alexandria, NH this Saturday. Ronnie is busy making spoons.
Here are some recent results from Eco-Dyeing/Printing on silk scarves. (This one has been sold.)  Happy, happy!

Ronnie and I went to the NH Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee, NH this week.  It's fun because you get to meet all the artists and craftsmen.  They had a wonderful display of a Fairy Village.  I would have loved to take home one of the little houses.  They were probably 12" high so not that small and the detail was fantastic!

Remember to Play a Little Every Day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July-Summer Is Really Here Now!

Yes, now it feels like summer!  Days are 80 degrees and humid.  I was hoping to work in my garden today but it is just too hot during the day.  I'll wait until later to get to it.  My cone-flowers are all budded and my bee balm looks good this year.  Now is the time for the yellow and orange flower blooms then pink very soon after.  I'm making more Eco-printed and dyed silk scarves using flowers and leaves from my garden.  

The sales have been good for the scarves.  Every time I make a few of the transfer dyed scarves with men's silk neckties, I sell them out.  I need to get busy and make more for the Hebron Fair that is coming up the end of the month.  I guess I won't bring any of them to the weekly farmer's market until after the fair.

The 4th was celebrated with fireworks and a road trip to Grafton, Vermont.  We had a good time and just loved the small village of Grafton.  Their Historical Society building was open and we enjoyed seeing items from days gone by and they even allowed pictures.  Ronnie took some to show his friend who is a member of the Alexandria Historical Society.  He hopes it will give them some incentive/ideas to put out more items on display.  We went to the Grafton Market where Ronnie bought some wonderful cheddar cheese made and sold by them. 

 On our way to Grafton we stopped at the Vermont Country Store.  I'd read about it in Yankee and possibly Country Life magazines.  It's very large, sprawling building with anything you could think of.  But the prices were very, very high.  They were asking $100 for a fine cotton nightgown, I passed on that one.  It seems to be very popular with tourists with credit cards! :)


My grandson, Dillon bought his first new car (2013).  He said, "It's a lot of money!"  Welcome to the adult world young man!  He doesn't have any credit so this should help him get some, provided he makes all his payments on time. :)   I know he will.

Granddaughter Maegan has returned from her Maymester in Spain.  She LOVED it and hopes to return.  She working as a lifeguard at a pool in Concord this summer and seems to be enjoying it.

Granddaughter Kimberly is working at a local resort in the Housekeeping Department.  Not her favorite job but she's earning good money and looking forward to her second year of college.

Grandson Shawn is growing taller and taller, soon he may pass his 6 ft. dad! He's working for the Recreation Dept. Summer Program and enjoying boat rides and swimming with his friends.
They all grew up so fast, I miss having little ones around. But I am very proud of all of them and their parents!

Now I'm off to eco print more scarves!

A few days later.......
Here are some photos of finished silk scarves eco-printed/dyed.

Remember to play a little every day!

Friday, June 10, 2016


I went to the New England Quilt Museum with my friend Kathleen.  The special exhibit was "A Passion for Prussian Blue, Vibrant American Quilts from 1830 to the Present."  I was pleased that they allowed photographs without flash. The quilts on display were just so beautiful, I love Prussian Blue!  Here is one
of the quilts with that special blue fabric.

The museum has wonderful displays on-going.  Check them out on the Web for current exhibits!
Remember to play a little every day. :)
Peace, Diane

June, Summer Is Here!

We had a few just perfect days but then the wind and cold showed up again. Darn!  I hope my flower seeds will germinate.  I want a a lot of zinnias to use in my silk eco-printing.  I'm harvesting rose petals from my rose bushes and I'm trying out some False Indigo leaves too.

We visited the Audubon Society Center yesterday.  I was hoping to go to Squam Lake Science Center but it was really too windy for a two hour walk around the center so we decided on an alternative and it worked out well.  I took some photos of the raptors including a bald eagle.  They were in large cages behind fencing that unfortunately wasn't easy to shoot through.  I did manage to get a couple of good photos focusing on the eagle.

I went out last week and took some pictures of Lady Slippers.  They are beautiful wild flowers that come out in early spring for just a short time.  They are protected wild orchids and I love finding them.

Peace, Diane

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunny Days!

We have been so fortunate to have such a mild winter and recently and some very Sunny Days.  My brother and I went for a ride Saturday and enjoyed the look of spring.  The frost heaves were another matter on the back road we traveled.  It was worth it though, beautiful views of Mt. Kearsarge located not too far from home.

I looked out my kitchen window the other day and saw a hawk grab a woodpecker!  So fast!!!
He held it to the ground and just stood on it.  That gave me time to find my camera and make sure I had an SD card in it.  I took many pictures and I so happy with them.  Here are a couple.  Sad for the woodpecker but it's nature.

I've been Eco-printing silk scarves with onion skins and red roses.  Love the look when I add the iron mordant.  Pictures soon. :)

Remember to Play a Little Each Day!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Winter's Almost Over

February 2016

I have very many interests and hobbies.  Photography is one of them.  My significant other, Ronnie also enjoys photography and he has for many years.  His town's Conservation organization held a photo contest and asked for submission of photographs taken in Alexandria, NH to be judged and put on a calendar as a fund raiser.  He entered the allowed number of photos, four.  One of his was chosen for the calendar out of over almost 70 entries.  His photograph was taken of a young bear who visited his home one afternoon.  The bear has the longest legs I've ever seen on a bear and everyone loves the photo!  It is the photo for the month of April, the month of my birthday.  I'm so pleased!  

I continue to be busy with dyeing scarves both with the transfer dye method and eco-dyeing.  I'm also working on completing some machine quilted wall hangings that I hope to sell at the Farmer's Market in the summer.  We were pleased to be invited to a wonderful craft fair to be held in Newport, NH in August!  It has a good reputation that includes excellent crafters/artists and a large attendance record. 

It's snowing out as I write this but I know it will be gone soon.  I love that the days are getting longer, more daylight to get things done.  I don't know about you but when that sun goes down I don't always have much ambition.

Remember to Play a Little Each Day!

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 2016 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to All!
The Christmas tree has been taken down and decorations put away until next year. I didn't have a gathering at my house this year so I didn't put out as many decorations.  The best part of that was I didn't have so many to put away.  I was happy to have a live tree this year, it smelled so nice.

Our little city celebrates the New Year with a Kayak Run down one of the rivers that flow through downtown.  I brought along my new camera and had some fun.  It wasn't too cold this year but just a bit chilly near the water.  It was fun to watch the kayakers but I wouldn't have wanted to be in that water!!

Play Time!I've been enjoying eco dyeing with plant material I was given from my local florist shop. I also used some of the flowers from my poinsettia plant that has now seen better days. :)

Here are some pictures of the steps I took in eco printing a silk scarf with eucalyptus leaves.
l.  placed the leaves on the white scarf
2. folded over and rolled on to a dowel for "cooking" (no photo)
3. unrolled after dyeing in black tea dye
4. Two photos of completed scarf after being washed and ironed

This scarf was sold immediately after completing it.  Someone received it as a Christmas gift. :)

Remember to play a little every day!