Friday, June 10, 2016

June, Summer Is Here!

We had a few just perfect days but then the wind and cold showed up again. Darn!  I hope my flower seeds will germinate.  I want a a lot of zinnias to use in my silk eco-printing.  I'm harvesting rose petals from my rose bushes and I'm trying out some False Indigo leaves too.

We visited the Audubon Society Center yesterday.  I was hoping to go to Squam Lake Science Center but it was really too windy for a two hour walk around the center so we decided on an alternative and it worked out well.  I took some photos of the raptors including a bald eagle.  They were in large cages behind fencing that unfortunately wasn't easy to shoot through.  I did manage to get a couple of good photos focusing on the eagle.

I went out last week and took some pictures of Lady Slippers.  They are beautiful wild flowers that come out in early spring for just a short time.  They are protected wild orchids and I love finding them.

Peace, Diane

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