Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Is Here!

It's the 4th of July 2015 and people are celebrating all around me.  I will be at the Bristol Farmer's and Crafts Market tomorrow until 2 o'clock. I may go to a friend's house in town to watch some fireworks.  The weather hasn't been seasonably warm and I haven't been to the beach aka ocean yet.  Maybe in a few weeks I'll go to North Hampton and see if my niece Lyn would like a beach day. 

June was a very sad month for me and my family.  My best friend Muffie passed away on the 15th.  She had kidney and liver disease and hadn't been well and up to par for some time now.  She loved many of the same things I do, gardening, birds, music and magazines. :)  I could talk to her about anything and everything. 

My daughters and I went to Newport, RI the day after her service.  the trip had been a Christmas gift to me from my children.  If Muffie had felt better she surely would have been included in the invite back in December.  It was nice to get away and we saw many beautiful gardens and mansions.  What a place!  Our hotel room had a view of one of the ports with sailboats and yachts all lined up.  Here are a few photos from Newport.

June was also the time of celebration with my two granddaughters graduating from high school!  I'm so very proud of both of them.  They will be going on to college in August, where did the time go?

Here they are a few years back, cousins having so much fun together!

And here they are now all grown up, beautiful young women with many hopes and dreams for the future.

Maegan and Kimberly

Kimberly and Maegan with good friend Maddie.

Also very proud of my granson, Shawn who graduated from 8th grade.  He will enter high school in the fall. :)

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