Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soy Wax Batik on Silk Scarf

I finished the scarf today and I'm quite pleased with the results.  I can't get the exact color green background to show correctly on photos but you'll get the idea.  This was a first for me in using a tjanting tool to apply the wax.  It takes practice but I'm getting the hang of it and will try another. 

#1 Soy Wax Applied
#2 Background painted
#3 Painted Leaves
#4 Ironed Out Wax
Finished Scarf!

I've learned since I did this one that it's best to start with lightest colors first.  Comments appreciated.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Time to Play with Fabric Again

Today is a good day to wash, dry and soda ash soak some cotton to prepare for dyeing.  I have a silk scarf that I'm going to paint today too so I'll get busy.  I had a nice frame made to fit the scarf so I can pin it to the frame before painting.  I found out in my first experiment in painting silk that this would be a good idea, hence the frame.  We'll see how this goes and I'll be back with some "after" photos.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Is The First Day of Fall

I thought it was the 21st but I guess I got that mixed up with the first day of winter??
This is a very busy time of year.  I'm working to get the yard in some shape before snow (guess I have a few weeks for that), preparing for the fair I'll be doing in November in Nashua and trying to finish up some unfinished work.  I'm a terrible procrastinator as my family will attest to.  Why do it now if I have a few more minutes, hours, days, weeks, years???  The thing is we really don't know how much time we really have.  My dear friend Trisha lost her oldest nephew to a drowning this week in Mississippi.  He had done three tours of duty and made it home.  He went fishing and that was it.  It just doesn't seem right but so much we see and hear is that way.  I try and stay upbeat but sometimes things just get me down and this was one of them. 

On to happier thoughts.  I'm going to be making an apple pie (yes, food always makes me feel better)!  I'll be making my pork chop skillet dinner tonight for supper (recipe on my blog for Jan. 10).  Tomorrow will probably be apple day.

Grandson, Shawn had his 10th birthday on the 16th and he's a great kid!  So happy times are appreciated around here and I'm looking forward to many more.  My knees are better, work is okay, kids are doing well, grandkids and busy and well, significant other (Ron) is busy making things in his woodworking shop and we'll be going to an Auto Show and Flea Market this weekend. 

I'm still offering note cards and photos on Artfire and Etsy so if you're in the market for some nice fall note cards take a look!  I also have a website at

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Adirondacks-Wonderful Weekend!

Mountains, tall pines, deer and lakes!  A Beautiful place on earth to be.  We stayed a few days in the Adirondack Mountains and attended the 23rd annual Adirondack Furniture Fair.  It was excellent and I really felt like we were away on vacation!  We got help finding our way with my new GPS and it worked great!  Stayed in a little cabin with a nice view of Long Lake.(last photo)  We enjoyed the area and hope to return next year.

The Hopkinton Fair 2010

It was a hot one this year at the Hopkinton Fair!  We went on Friday and it was so humid I didn't want to stay long.  We walked the grounds, saw some displays and garden tractor pulls, took a few photos then headed home.  I'm sure I'll enjoy the Sandwich Fair coming up soon since the weather has finally cooled down a bit.  Here are a few photos from Hopkinton Fair.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Feeling In The Air

This week has given us some beautiful weather.  Warm days, sunshine, some clouds and cool dreamy nights.
Fall housecleaning is on my mind now but I would rather do some fabric dyeing or painting, sew on the log cabin quilt or make some little wall hanging with my "new" rusted fabric.  I know I will feel better if my place is cleaned up and "put together" much better than it is now.  So I guess I should start there.  In between times I can play with fabric and my camera.

I hope everyone has a wonderful fall and enjoy the beautiful weather!

I'm preparing some of my photographs for a craft show I'll be doing in Nashua, NH in November.  (Lot's of N's there!)  I plan on having my note cards as well as some matted 5x7's and maybe some 8x10's.  There are quite a few people selling photos now with digital photography being so much more affordable than print film was.  I like taking photographs and sharing with others so I will continue even though there's not much profit in it right now.  I hope you will consider some of my work for upcoming holiday gifts.  I have a website at where you can order the size you would like as well as the type of paper including canvas!  The store also gives you the opportunity to choose a frame and matting once you add a photo into your basket to "buy".  If you're not happy with how the photo looks with a white mat, change it to black before ordering.  It's easy!!!  I still have shops on Etsy and Artfire and plan to continue with those for another year.

Now to get on with that housework!!