Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Feeling In The Air

This week has given us some beautiful weather.  Warm days, sunshine, some clouds and cool dreamy nights.
Fall housecleaning is on my mind now but I would rather do some fabric dyeing or painting, sew on the log cabin quilt or make some little wall hanging with my "new" rusted fabric.  I know I will feel better if my place is cleaned up and "put together" much better than it is now.  So I guess I should start there.  In between times I can play with fabric and my camera.

I hope everyone has a wonderful fall and enjoy the beautiful weather!

I'm preparing some of my photographs for a craft show I'll be doing in Nashua, NH in November.  (Lot's of N's there!)  I plan on having my note cards as well as some matted 5x7's and maybe some 8x10's.  There are quite a few people selling photos now with digital photography being so much more affordable than print film was.  I like taking photographs and sharing with others so I will continue even though there's not much profit in it right now.  I hope you will consider some of my work for upcoming holiday gifts.  I have a website at where you can order the size you would like as well as the type of paper including canvas!  The store also gives you the opportunity to choose a frame and matting once you add a photo into your basket to "buy".  If you're not happy with how the photo looks with a white mat, change it to black before ordering.  It's easy!!!  I still have shops on Etsy and Artfire and plan to continue with those for another year.

Now to get on with that housework!!

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