Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September 2016

Yes, September is here.  I knew it had to come but I wasn't in any hurry for it.  I love spring and summer and hate to see it end. Every year I hope to do so much and get so much accomplished in the spring and summer months.  How does life get in the way? I probably don't make good use of my time.  To much reading books on dyeing, fiber art and photography perhaps, instead of DOING!

Fall is a wonderful season and I'll be taking more pictures of our beautiful fall foliage and gathering leaves for dye printing scarves and fabric.

I'm learning more and more about natural dyeing and how to print with botanicals.  One of my favorite sites is a facebook page called, "Printing Botanicals".  I joined last week and I've already learned so much.  It's made up of wonderful people who are willing to share their experiments in dyeing with all of us.  Now instead of reading books, I'm checking out their facebook page every day to see what's new.  I have to get back to the ocean soon to get some sea water to dye with, I've heard it's wonderful.  We'll have to wait and see.

We still have wonderful warm weather but the days are getting shorter with the sun setting at 7:30 pm now.  I don't like that part of the season.  I want daylight!!

Granddaughters are off to their second year of college, one grandson is working full time and the youngest is starting his sophomore year of high school.  I wish them all a successful and fun year!!

Ronnie and I have had a successful summer at the craft & farmer's market and the fairs we have participated in.
My children are well and had an enjoyable summer as did my grandchildren.  My brother Sid and sister Dot enjoyed time on the MS Mt. Washington with me.  My family and friends are dear to me and I'm very thankful for every one of them!  On to the next season.

Remember to Play a Little Every Day!
Peace, Diane

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August is a Hot One this year!

"It's not so much the heat as the humidity."  So true for this month.  Sadly the heat has taken it's toll on some of my flowers.  I water most every day, but this constant heat has done some of them in I'm afraid.  Especially my glads!  I have some that are near blooming and they have turned brown and died. 
Some of my garden has been satisfactory though and I did get some good pictures of many plants I have.

I did well at the New London, NH Hospital Fair.  I sold all the men's tie scarves I had there and came home with only four of my eco-print dyed scarves. Now to get busy making more! We'll be at another church fair in Alexandria, NH this Saturday. Ronnie is busy making spoons.
Here are some recent results from Eco-Dyeing/Printing on silk scarves. (This one has been sold.)  Happy, happy!

Ronnie and I went to the NH Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee, NH this week.  It's fun because you get to meet all the artists and craftsmen.  They had a wonderful display of a Fairy Village.  I would have loved to take home one of the little houses.  They were probably 12" high so not that small and the detail was fantastic!

Remember to Play a Little Every Day!