Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etsy Treasury

I have been notified that my photo note card has been included in this fun treasury.  These are apparently things that were/are her father's favorites.


Nice, hot day today but Hurricane Earl may hit the East Coast.  I sure hope not. 

We went to a Crusie Night last night and saw some pretty nice local cars.  We'll go again I'm sure and I'll post some photos.  The first of Sept. is tomorrow!  Summer flew by didn't it?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun Painting Silk Scarf

Today I painted a silk scarf with fabric paint.  I'm not thrilled with the results, I think a pre-schooler could have done as well.  Anyway, here's the photo process of what I did.  The scarf what white to begin with.  I painted on the indigo blue then the green.  Added some salt and let it dry.  Shook off the salt and let the scarf "rest" for awhile.  I ironed the scarf and tied it in a loop to take a picture.  I'm liking it better now.  I enjoyed the process but hope for better results next time. I think I'll dye one next time!
I'm donating this to the "Enduring Earth" challenge.  Sales of the scarves will be donated to The Nature Conservancy.  http://www.nature.org/.  This challenge is sponsored by Fiberarts Connection a nonprofit 501.
The scarves entered will be exhibited and sold to raise funds at Wilson Community College, Wilson, NC.  After the show the scarves that do not sell will be sold online or possibly in another venue.  Photos of the entries will be posted on the Fiberarts Blog.  I'll keep you posted. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

World Quilt Show, Manchester, NH

I attended the World Quilt Expo in Manchester last week.  I'm always impressed with what people  thoughout the world create.  Beautiful workmanship and Creative Spirit. The quilt above, "Medea Escaping" is by Marilyn Belford of USA and she won a blue ribbon!  Congratulations Marilyn!  I missed the Images show in Lowell, MA this year, sadly, but just can't do everything, everywhere, can we?

Member of New Hampshire Made!

My business, DSigns by DS, is proud to be associated with New Hampshire Made. 
Check out their website at http://www.nhmade.com/

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Roseberry Style: Treasury trilogy

Roseberry Style: Treasury trilogy: "I´ve been a little busy and now I've got a million things on my mind of what to blog about :) Let's start with featuring some wonderful Etsy..."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Nice Week

I had a very nice week and enjoyed visiting with my children and grandchildren at beautiful Newfound Lake!  Obama's oldest daughter was attending a girl's camp down the road, but we didn't see her, just more State Police in the area than usual.  I hope she had an nice couple of weeks enjoying NH.  Newfound is one of my favorite lakes, it's so clean, clear and cool!  Daughter went waterskiing and grandkids went tubeing.  Of course we all went swimming and I had my first try at kayaking.  I like it!  I didn't do much this week in the way of fabric art but I did go to the Mancuso Quilt Show in Manchester on Saturday.  Very nice show, some exceptional quilts and lots of art quilts on display.  I bought some indigo paint from the ProChemical booth and although there was a lot more I could have spent my money on, I had to remind myself that I'm "downsizing" my stash!

Summer's almost over but it was a good one for sure!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Sun Printing

This week I did more sun printing.  I purchased some new paint colors on-line, just got them and  I couldn't wait to use them.  I painted the a vintage doiley and placed some dried ferns on top before placing in the sun.  Then I over-painted using green paint on some fabric I had previously dyed.  Placed keys on top and set fabric out in the sun and magic!  I also painted some black paint on to unbleached muslin and I'm happy how clear that one came out.  Now to come up with a small quiltlet using these fabrics.  I do have something in mind and I'll post once I'm sure or when it's completed.  Enjoy the upcoming week!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Late Summer Garden

Here it is almost the middle of August!  My garden is looking a little sad, but the glads are blooming and the sunflowers brighten the yard.  I won't talk about my vegetable garden, a big disappointment this year.
Here are a couple of photos I took in my garden yesterday.  Soon to be offered as note cards.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Cook'n?

Is that soup on the stove?  Nope, just dyeing fabric with some coffee!  I was at it again today for a short time in between doing some work.  The muslin was just too light for what I want to use it for, so a quick bath in some brewed coffee and it's PERFECT!  While I was at it, I put in some canvas too so I could use that on today's project. 

Here's one of my quiltlets using my rust dyed fabric, printed fabric with paint sticks, soy wax printing and the canvas I dyed with coffee today.  It's all here in this little piece along with a photo transfer (3 in a row) of the back window of an old rusty truck.  I scrunched up some of the rust dyed fabric and attached it to the upper left of the transfer photo.  I machine quilted this with clear thread.  I added some embellishments to the middle, spelling out the word RUST with some metal letters and a stamp for the letter "S".  Maybe I'll attach an old truck key?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Overpainting and Sunprinting

I took one of my pieces of rust dyed fabric and overpainted it with fabric paint.  I set it outdoors with some keys, ferns and other plants on top and sun printed it.  It's not too clear but I've ordered more paint and hope to have better results soon.  End of a beautiful weekend.  Have a good week everyone.

Results of Rust Dyeing Cotton Fabric

I did the unwrapping of the rusted fabric yesterday afternoon. I'm quite pleased with the results and see myself doing more of this.   I went to a yard sale yesterday and found more "lovely", rusted old things to use next. I think the woman thought I was crazy when I got excited at seeing the container of rusty stuff.  She was told what I intended to do with it and she became interested in the process.  In the third piece I have indicated where the keys were.  I think you can tell where I used the drill bits.  The piece with the most white remaining is going to be painted over and sun dyed with keys and ferns.  We'll see how that goes later.
Here are my results this time around: