Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Boston Flower Show

We had a very nice time at the flower show this year.  It wasn't very crowded and the displays were lovely!
I took several photographs and I have posted some for sale on my Artfire shop.  Soon I'll add some to Etsy too.

There was an "all natural" display with deer, elk and moose antlers, stumps from large trees, turtle shells, lobster shells, milkweed, seashells, skulls, bones, moss...well you get the idea.  It was quite unusual and interesting.  This is a photo of that display with a stand made from branches with the top decorated with shells and milkweed.  The fuzzy inside of the milkweek decorated the inside of the natural container.

They also had a display with live owls and a hawk that was quite remarkable!  There w
as quite a crowd around the handler with one owl perched on his gloved hand.


Friday, March 4, 2011

March 2011, Can Spring Weather Be Far Behind?

It's March 4th and there is still so much snow out there it looks like Dec.!  When will it ever melt?
The weathermen are predicting more snow in our near future but I sure hope it doesn't stay around.  The sun is higher in the sky now and some snow seems to melt everyday, although not fast enough!!

I enjoyed looking at my seed catalog for a short time today.  I might just place an order, they all look so good! 

My Honey's birthday was yesterday and I made him at chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (his choice).  I used a Wilton heart shaped pan : )  that I hadn't used before.  It took all the cake mixture and took about 45-50 mins. to bake.  I made chocolate frosting from the recipe on the Hersey's Baking Cocoa  box.  It tastes like fudge, delicious if I may say so myself!

I'm still working at cleaning up my space I use for art and hope by April or May to have it completed.  My plan is to have new carpeting in one room, paint the walls and install better storage.  It's a dream I've had for many years and now I think it's time.

I've sold more photos from my Etsy shop but none on my Artfire shop.  I don't know why because I have many of same photos in each shop.  It must be that Etsy has more followers than Artfire?  I also started another shop, Etsyshop2, that goes by the name of "Just A Little Something".  I've done quite well selling some smaller vintage items.  I also have a small space at the Laconia Antiques Center (which just moved to the old Newberry's.)  We've had pretty good luck there too and enjoy checking out the items in the store when we stop by to drop something new off for our booth.  If you have a chance you should stop by the new place, it's going to be very nice.  They have kept the soda fountain and stools and they may sell ice cream this summer.  The owner is an avid railroad man and he'll have train sets set up around the store as well as selling his antique railroad items.

Here's picture of the cake I made for Ronnie.  We both enjoyed it!  Happy Birthday Honey!!