Saturday, January 30, 2010

Skillet Dinner, It's Delicious

My friend shared a skillet dinner recipe she has made for years.  I gave it a try and it's delicious!  I thought I'd share with others who might read my Blog.

Pork Chops, Potatoes and Carrots Skillet Dinner

Package of 4 pork chops with bone in.
5 potatoes, more for a larger family.
1 bag of carrots, peeled and cut lenghtwise.
1 Can of soup.  My friend uses tomato soup but I used Cream of Mushroom.
1/2 can of water.

Pan brown the pork chops in a large skillet
Mix can of soup with 1/2 can of water.
Prepare the potatoes and slice as in scallop potatoes.
Prepare carrots as above.

After browning the chops
Remove from skillet
Add prepared potatoes
Layer the carrots next then the onions.
Place pork chops on top of the vegetables.
Pour soup/water mix over the top and cover.
Cook on stove top medium for the first 10 mins. then
turn down for the next 10 mins.  Check with fork to see if veggies are done.
Cooking should take 30 mins. or less.
Serves 4

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow, The Cold Weather Is Back!

We have been so fortunate (unless you like to ski and snowmobile) to have a winter with very little snow and cold.  But the cold has returned and we had a little snow last night.  The grandkids will be happy to get out skiing again soon.  I've been working on a Log Cabin Quilt for a friend of mine and hope to have it completed next month.  It's slow going because I'm only working on it once a week when I go to another friend's house for a sewing day.  I'm using up many of the fabrics I have collected through the years to make this a "scrap quilt".  I'm posting a photo of four of the squares I've completed but I have many more done. They aren't sewn together yet because I need to finish many more for a queen size quilt.  Maybe I'll work on it some today.  If you've made a log cabin quilt, I'd be happy to post a photo of it here on my blog.  Just e-mail me a small resolution photograph of your quilt and it will be posted.  Have a good Friday and Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comfort Quiltlet

On my Jan. 3 posting I talked about this quilt challenge.  I completed my piece for the Fiber Arts Squared Challenge.  I machine appliqued this piece and used a photo transfer as the central focus.  I added an old broach I had on my sewing table that I intended to use "someday" on fiberart and thought it worked perfectly on this one.  I also posted this picture on my A Photo A Day 365 Blog since this is the first in the series of challenges I'll be making this year.  One 12 x 12" every other month.
I featured a photograph of my sister-in-law hugging her daughter at her wedding several years ago.  The theme for this challenge was Comfort and I think hugs are very comforting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Loving Hearts Quilted Wallhanging

On January 8th I posted a picture of a wallhanging I started working on at a friend's house.  I've completed it and here it is!!  Off to do some work and complete another of my challenge quilts.  Beautiful sunny day out today, in the 40's.  It was in the 50's yesterday and that's crazy for January.  Rain instead of snow and it looks like March not January.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Been Busy

I've been pretty busy these past few days and haven't blogged.  I went to my friend's house this week and completed one work and worked on one of my small quilt wallhangings.  She's making a blue and white log cabin quilt and it's coming out so pretty.  I went to my granddaughter's basketball game on Thursday and grandson's wrestling matches yesterday.  Dillon is in white with a gold band.  I like this picture because they are both up in the air!  Dillon had two great matches.  Congrats Dillon!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a Handsome Boy!

My grandson Shawn loves to ski.  His center of gravity is low so he zooms down the hill and even takes jumps!  I was quite impressed when I went to the area to see how the kids were doing.  He took a break to play with some friends and I got this picture.  Perfect sunny day for skiing and playing in the snow!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Creative and Generous

I was checking out some of the blogs I follow this morning and Three Creative Studios has a nice blog where they post new techniques and free instructions on such things as painting on batting, making things etc.  They are very generous to share all of this information with us.  I've put their link onto the side of my blog. Take a look, I'm sure there's something there you'd like to try.  If you do make something or try a technique from Three Creative Studios, send me an e-mail with photo and I'll post to my blog. 
It's a beautiful sunny day today, in the 40's so I'm getting outside.  Snow is expected for Sunday night into Monday.  Snowmobilers (AKA my son),will be happy !  Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Blog!

When the holidays were over I thought I might have more time on my hands.  It didn't happen.  Why?  Well, probably because I'm spending more time on my computer than I did before.  I'm managing two shops, one on ArtFire and another on Etsy.  And I like to list some fabric and sewing items on Vintage Embellishments for sale.  All that and having three part time jobs keeps me rather busy.  Now I have gone and gotten another Blog.  I joined a group Shutter Sisters 365. I'll be taking and posting one picture a day, each day all year.  I started late so I'll have some catching up to do...just like me... being late.

Above is the picture I posted for 1/12/10.  My cat Ginger found a nice sunny spot to sleep this afternoon.  If you'd like to follow along or check in once in awhile, the blog address is

Friday, January 8, 2010

Quilting, Knitting and Friends

Last night I was invited to a friend's house with a small group of others to share some tea and lemon bread.  My friend Kathleen showed us some wonderful socks she is knitting with some wool from Wales, warm and comfy!  She did some drop spindle spinning while there and worked on the socks a bit.  Roberta is working on a wool and felt hand appliqued country style wall hanging and Bonnie is hand piecing a lovely little scrap quilt.  What did I do??  Well, I thought about bringing the piece I'm working on for one of the challenges I've entered but I'd rather work on that all by myself.  So I brought some lovely pieces of fabric, antique lace, scissors and a glue stick.  I worked on a piece celebrating Valentine's Day or February.  The values in red are some of my favorite colors and it was great fun "piecing this together".  Today I will do some sewing on the piece as well as stamping, maybe some painting...who knows what will strike me?  I'll post when it's finished.  So far I'm happy with it.   ThenI just have to get back to the challenges!!!  Your comments are welcomed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Challenge!

I'm also participating in another challenge through 3 Creative Studios.
3 Creative Studios Quilt Challenge 2010 has participants from all over the globe. Every two months beginning 1/1/10 a new theme is announced and each artist has two months to complete a quilt representing the theme.
First theme is PUZZLE.
It can be made of anything, paper, fabric, metal etc., as long as it's three layers held together as a quilt.
This should be fun.

Art Quilt Challenge

I've spoken about this challenge before on this blog but just in case you missed it, we will be making a
12" x 12"  art quilt wallhanging every other month for a year.  The word chosen for the first challenge month is COMFORT.  I've had a few thoughts about what I might like to do.  We aren't supposed to think too hard about these.  I have printed a cropped picture of my sister-in-law hugging her oldest daughter when she married several years ago.  When I think of comfort, I think of hugs.  I know some people who don't like to be hugged and I respect that.  But I like to give hugs and get hugs!  They comfort when we are sad and bring us more joy when we are happy.  Here is a selection of fabrics I think I'll be using and a photograph that I will somehow incooperate into the fiber art piece.  I think this picture came out a little darker than I would like so I'll probably print another.  I don't want to "waste" this one so I'll use it anyway and make another to use in the challenge piece.

Art Fire Shop

I've opened another shop on Art Fire.  I believe they are newer to the internet than Etsy but I wanted to post there as well.  I've decided to post some of my fiber art on my new site with Art Fire.  Stay Tuned, More to come. and my site is DSPhotography.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  I've hung up my 2010 calander in the kitchen and it's ready for all the events to be posted on it.  I like to look at the previous year's calander as it helps me remember some of the joyful moments.  Kids ballgames, Birthdays, Lunch With Friends etc.  I'm looking forward to a new year filled wonderful moments and wish the same for you.