Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day Of Play

Yesterday was a "day of play" at my house.  My good friend, Kathleen joined me in doing some creative play.  She worked on the cover of a journal and I worked on another small wallhanging.  I used my Wizard tool to burn around a transfer print I had made then considered the fabrics I'd use in the piece, with lots of consultation with my friend.  Kathleen used the Wizard to burn the edges of her beautiful paper/fabric journal cover and we both like the result. It's the first time I've used this tool and it won't be the last.
 I took some photos, as usual, but the one I took of her shows I didn't have a very steady hand at the time and I'm sorry about that because I like this picture of her.  So here are some pics from the fun we had yesterday.  Happy "Creating and Playing" everyone.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue Skies and Sunshine

Haven't we been lucky?  Lots of blue skies and sunshine the last few days.  The leaves are beautiful but going fast!  I saw a small bear yesterday enjoying some apples that had fallen from a tree at my friend's house.  I attempted to get some photos but they didn't come out very good.  It was such fun to watch him/or her.  The bear got up on it's two hind feet to smell the air, just facinating to see up close. 

We heard some good news today, they have gotten some of the miners out of the mine in Chile with more rescue on the way.  Great news!

I'm not working on much art right now and sewing is calling my name.  I'm working on rearranging my spaces to make them more enjoyable for the long winter ahead.  It takes work, first make a mess, then clean it up!  Not much fun but very satisfactory when finished.