Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DSigns by DS Fan Page

I've added a Face Book Fan Page for my photo and card company.  DSigns by DS is a licensed name I've had for many, many years.  I have sold "Cards, Quilts and Other Creations" under that business name.  I'm concentrating on my photographs and note cards and I'm hoping for a positive response.  I have a shop on Etsy and on Artfire.  There are positives with both sites so I hate to give one or the other up right now.  You don't have to "join" Artfire to purchase as you do with Etsy.  But joining Etsy to purchase handmade is very, very easy.  I don't have all my pictures posted to both sites.  I have some of my fiberart listed on Artfire if you're interested in that.  More to come is my plan.  Become a Fan of Dsigns by DS and receive a 10% discount on your first order from either site.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boston Flower Show

I had a very nice time in Boston at the Flower Show.  They didn't hold one last year and I missed not going, it feels like getting a jump on spring.  This year it was held on the bay at the Boston Trade Center. They didn't have it for as many days and only one weekend so I feel fortunate that I was able to go.  My daughter, Karen and friend M.H. came too.  Muffie drove my car, she knows the way very well since she has to go to Boston regularly for medical check-ups.  It was so easy getting into town and we just zoomed into the parking garage across from the Center.  Very easy.  The show seemed a little smaller than it had been at the other venue but we enjoyed it just the same!  Wonderful flowers and plants and very nice displays.  We really liked the white garden house with pink tulips planted on the roof!  I tried to get a nice picture of it but the lighting of the hall made taking pictures tricky.  Besides flowers they had cakes decorated with sugar flowers!  Area baking artists participated and they were amazing!!  Another display had cakes decorated with plant material.  The theme was Blooms and we saw lots of those.  I'm posting a couple of pictures and will probably add more on Picasa Web or Flickr.  Three days of rain coming.  Not too happy about that but I'll get some work done and maybe clean up my sewing/craft room a bit more.  Maybe.  Until next time, stay well and wish for sunshine.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Quilt Day Today & Million Pillowcase Challenge

Bonnie Knott invited some friends over for a day of sewing in honor of National Quilt Day. We didn't make quilts, but pillowcases that will be donated to The Spaulding Youth Center in Tilton, NH. Bonnie provided a wonderful luncheon of soup, salad and corn muffins! Thank you Bonnie! Keepsake Quilting donated the fabric and one of Bonnie's friends at work did a lot of the pre-cutting for us. We were quite a team and fininshed over 20 pillowcases today.  The pillowcases are being donated as part of the Million Pillowcases Challenge (to see link click on Million Pillowcases in Title).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Beautiful Day!

I went on a short road trip yesterday and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I stopped to take this picture of Kearsarge Mountain, one of the few mountains I have climbed many times during my lifetime.
Enjoy this beautiful week!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsy Sale!

I finally made another sale on Etsy.  A woman from LA bought a 5x7 notecard (photo above) of one of the show cars I had listed.  Since it's buy one get one FREE month in my shop for the note cards, she chose the Cardinal in Winter as her free choice. 

Son and Grandson Go to Celtics Game

My son brought his son to a Celtics basketball game in Boston this week.  The team lost the game but it was a fun experience for Shawn!  Baseball will be starting soon and this grandmother will have an enjoyable time watching the kids play.  I love sitting out in the nice weather, visiting with friends and family while watching the games. 

I'm making plans to attend the flower show in Boston the end of this month.  I'll bring my camera and share a few pics on my blog.  Off to do some "art".

Look at that hat!

We've had some beautiful weather lately, love'n it!  Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Today was beautiful outside so I took a short walk.  Once I was back inside it was time to open some windows and let that fresh air in!  45 degrees right now feels so warm.  Now it's time to do some much needed cleaning up in my workspace/studio.  I set up another table to put some of my supplies in easy reach and sorted and tossed stuff.  It feels so good to finally have started this cleanup.  Yes, I said started.  I have too much "stuff" and it's going to take quite awhile for me to dig through it.  I'm on my way and I don't want to lose momentum.  Here's a shot of my table of "materials" I use in collage, bookmaking and cardmaking.  I'm so fortunate to have this space and all the materials and tools.  Make the most of each day.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quilt History for Kids

Yesterday I did a presentation on Quilt History for 1st and 2nd graders.  I had done this presentation to 6th graders a while back but I wondered if the younger children would be interested.  They were!  I had such a good time telling them how important quilts were to our ancestors, how the quilts were/are made and best of all I got to answer their questions.  They were very well behaved and I was impressed.  Ellen Carlson plays the fiddle and teaches children about music, math and history through square dancing and quilting.  Thanks to her for inviting me to be a part of this fun experience.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st!

This has been a difficult week for many people without power due to the wind/snow storm.  Happily for me I didn't have a problem and went about business as usual.  I'm busy working on a presentation I'm doing for 1st and 2nd graders about Quilt History.  I did the presentation a few months ago for 6th graders and it was well received.  But because these children are so much younger, I'm trying to make it interesting for them.  I will bring one or two of my antique quilts and some samples of templates I have collected over the years.  Some photos will finish it off and I hope they enjoy the "show'.

I posted my Photo A Day 365 on my other blog today.  March 1st and a new month of photographs.  I missed several days last month so I'll be trying to improve on that.  Today's photo I took of a minature photo album that has been in my father's family.  It has the title "Fairy Album" on the cover and has minature tintypes inside.  It needs some minor repairs to the spine and I'll be looking into having that done.  This is one of my favorite pieces!  I hope you enjoy the photos.