Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boston Flower Show

I had a very nice time in Boston at the Flower Show.  They didn't hold one last year and I missed not going, it feels like getting a jump on spring.  This year it was held on the bay at the Boston Trade Center. They didn't have it for as many days and only one weekend so I feel fortunate that I was able to go.  My daughter, Karen and friend M.H. came too.  Muffie drove my car, she knows the way very well since she has to go to Boston regularly for medical check-ups.  It was so easy getting into town and we just zoomed into the parking garage across from the Center.  Very easy.  The show seemed a little smaller than it had been at the other venue but we enjoyed it just the same!  Wonderful flowers and plants and very nice displays.  We really liked the white garden house with pink tulips planted on the roof!  I tried to get a nice picture of it but the lighting of the hall made taking pictures tricky.  Besides flowers they had cakes decorated with sugar flowers!  Area baking artists participated and they were amazing!!  Another display had cakes decorated with plant material.  The theme was Blooms and we saw lots of those.  I'm posting a couple of pictures and will probably add more on Picasa Web or Flickr.  Three days of rain coming.  Not too happy about that but I'll get some work done and maybe clean up my sewing/craft room a bit more.  Maybe.  Until next time, stay well and wish for sunshine.

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