Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st!

This has been a difficult week for many people without power due to the wind/snow storm.  Happily for me I didn't have a problem and went about business as usual.  I'm busy working on a presentation I'm doing for 1st and 2nd graders about Quilt History.  I did the presentation a few months ago for 6th graders and it was well received.  But because these children are so much younger, I'm trying to make it interesting for them.  I will bring one or two of my antique quilts and some samples of templates I have collected over the years.  Some photos will finish it off and I hope they enjoy the "show'.

I posted my Photo A Day 365 on my other blog today.  March 1st and a new month of photographs.  I missed several days last month so I'll be trying to improve on that.  Today's photo I took of a minature photo album that has been in my father's family.  It has the title "Fairy Album" on the cover and has minature tintypes inside.  It needs some minor repairs to the spine and I'll be looking into having that done.  This is one of my favorite pieces!  I hope you enjoy the photos.

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