Sunday, August 19, 2012

Studio Clean UP

I'm fortunate to have two upstairs bedrooms that are now used as my workspaces for sewing, quilting and mixed media art.  Over the years I have collected too much stuff, fabric especially, and of course notions.  When I took over the bedrooms from my grown children at first the rooms were quite orderly and comfortable.  Then it happened!  I went upstairs to sew and there was no room on the table to lay out my work, to cut out or to sew, very discouraging.  I brought my fabric and sewing machine down to the kitchen table and set up there.  How silly is that??  Two perfectly good rooms upstairs and they were so overloaded and disorganized that I couldn't stand to work in them.  What a shame!!

It's happened, now I'm in the process of cleaning out those rooms, starting with the sewing room.  I hired a wonderful professional organizer and it's the best decision I've made in years.  She lugged 12+ large trash bags downstairs to be thrown out as well as boxes of items to be donated.  She helped me organize the fabric I want to keep and I'm on my way!  I'm excited to have new flooring installed, paint the walls and have storage built in.  I'll keep you posted (this is really for me..journal of progress. : )