Thursday, August 11, 2016

August is a Hot One this year!

"It's not so much the heat as the humidity."  So true for this month.  Sadly the heat has taken it's toll on some of my flowers.  I water most every day, but this constant heat has done some of them in I'm afraid.  Especially my glads!  I have some that are near blooming and they have turned brown and died. 
Some of my garden has been satisfactory though and I did get some good pictures of many plants I have.

I did well at the New London, NH Hospital Fair.  I sold all the men's tie scarves I had there and came home with only four of my eco-print dyed scarves. Now to get busy making more! We'll be at another church fair in Alexandria, NH this Saturday. Ronnie is busy making spoons.
Here are some recent results from Eco-Dyeing/Printing on silk scarves. (This one has been sold.)  Happy, happy!

Ronnie and I went to the NH Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee, NH this week.  It's fun because you get to meet all the artists and craftsmen.  They had a wonderful display of a Fairy Village.  I would have loved to take home one of the little houses.  They were probably 12" high so not that small and the detail was fantastic!

Remember to Play a Little Every Day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July-Summer Is Really Here Now!

Yes, now it feels like summer!  Days are 80 degrees and humid.  I was hoping to work in my garden today but it is just too hot during the day.  I'll wait until later to get to it.  My cone-flowers are all budded and my bee balm looks good this year.  Now is the time for the yellow and orange flower blooms then pink very soon after.  I'm making more Eco-printed and dyed silk scarves using flowers and leaves from my garden.  

The sales have been good for the scarves.  Every time I make a few of the transfer dyed scarves with men's silk neckties, I sell them out.  I need to get busy and make more for the Hebron Fair that is coming up the end of the month.  I guess I won't bring any of them to the weekly farmer's market until after the fair.

The 4th was celebrated with fireworks and a road trip to Grafton, Vermont.  We had a good time and just loved the small village of Grafton.  Their Historical Society building was open and we enjoyed seeing items from days gone by and they even allowed pictures.  Ronnie took some to show his friend who is a member of the Alexandria Historical Society.  He hopes it will give them some incentive/ideas to put out more items on display.  We went to the Grafton Market where Ronnie bought some wonderful cheddar cheese made and sold by them. 

 On our way to Grafton we stopped at the Vermont Country Store.  I'd read about it in Yankee and possibly Country Life magazines.  It's very large, sprawling building with anything you could think of.  But the prices were very, very high.  They were asking $100 for a fine cotton nightgown, I passed on that one.  It seems to be very popular with tourists with credit cards! :)


My grandson, Dillon bought his first new car (2013).  He said, "It's a lot of money!"  Welcome to the adult world young man!  He doesn't have any credit so this should help him get some, provided he makes all his payments on time. :)   I know he will.

Granddaughter Maegan has returned from her Maymester in Spain.  She LOVED it and hopes to return.  She working as a lifeguard at a pool in Concord this summer and seems to be enjoying it.

Granddaughter Kimberly is working at a local resort in the Housekeeping Department.  Not her favorite job but she's earning good money and looking forward to her second year of college.

Grandson Shawn is growing taller and taller, soon he may pass his 6 ft. dad! He's working for the Recreation Dept. Summer Program and enjoying boat rides and swimming with his friends.
They all grew up so fast, I miss having little ones around. But I am very proud of all of them and their parents!

Now I'm off to eco print more scarves!

A few days later.......
Here are some photos of finished silk scarves eco-printed/dyed.

Remember to play a little every day!

Friday, June 10, 2016

June, Summer Is Here!

We had a few just perfect days but then the wind and cold showed up again. Darn!  I hope my flower seeds will germinate.  I want a a lot of zinnias to use in my silk eco-printing.  I'm harvesting rose petals from my rose bushes and I'm trying out some False Indigo leaves too.

We visited the Audubon Society Center yesterday.  I was hoping to go to Squam Lake Science Center but it was really too windy for a two hour walk around the center so we decided on an alternative and it worked out well.  I took some photos of the raptors including a bald eagle.  They were in large cages behind fencing that unfortunately wasn't easy to shoot through.  I did manage to get a couple of good photos focusing on the eagle.

I went out last week and took some pictures of Lady Slippers.  They are beautiful wild flowers that come out in early spring for just a short time.  They are protected wild orchids and I love finding them.

Peace, Diane