Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year!

January 2018
Snow Storms and below zero temperatures!!  Cold in NH!!

We had a very nice Christmas gathering this year.  As always there was delicious goodies for all of us!  We had many special dishes made by family members including a beautiful chocolate roll made by my daughter Karen.  She made it in memory of her grandmother, my mother.  "Mima" made my kids a chocolate roll for their birthday each year when they got older.  It had become a tradition that they looked forward to.  We all miss my parents and other loved ones who have passed on, especially at Christmas. We have wonderful memories of Christmas' Past and will hold those in our hearts forever.

We had a busy season vending at craft fairs most weekends.  I was successful in selling most all of the eco-printed silk scarves and transfer dyed scarves I made.  I taught one class to friends in July and look forward to teaching another in this new year.  Ronnie did very well at the fairs too!  His hand crafted utensils and pin and disk sets were very popular again this year. 

Eco Printed and Dyed Silk Scarf close up photo.

I had my annual Dinner at Diane's with six dear friends to celebrate the season.  We had an enjoyable meal and pleasant conversation. 

I'm having knee replacement surgery in February so I won't be doing any eco printing and dyeing, or much else for awhile.  

 Remember to play a little each day. 
Diane in NH

Thursday, August 3, 2017

More Eco Printing

I had some fun recently and tried my hand at bundle dye printing a small silk blouse I bought at a thrift store.  I'm relatively happy with the results but not pleased with the large space of brown/gold near the neckline but I do like the diagonal lines of the dye on the blouse.  That was due to the bundling and then simmering in onion skins.  I have another blouse I will be attempt and this time I plan to steam it so it won't have such a strong dye color on it.  
Please leave a comment if you wish. :)

Remember to play a little every day!
Peace, Diane

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July Eco Printing and Dyeing

Eco Printing and Dyeing.......
I have been working on many new techniques I have learned on line through Tutorials, Blogs and Facebook Eco Printing Groups.  I've learned much of what I know from India Flint's books and through the classes taught by Kathy Hays.  I have studied about natural dyes and the difference water can make in your results. I'm feeling more confident in my process and satisfied with my results. I felt I was ready to teach a class as my friend Kathleen had been encouraging me to do.

This month I had a class at my home outside.  It was a Sunday and it's usually pretty quiet outside on Sundays in my neighborhood.  Well, wouldn't you know it!  Heavy equipment arrived across the street around 6 a.m.  Radio blasting as well.  Shortly they left only to return to start their work just before I started my class instruction.  Apparently they were repairing an underground pipe at my neighbor's home. No one seemed to mind the noise as we were out behind my house as far away from my neighbors as we could get.  Kathleen's husband thankfully brought over and put up a tent so we wouldn't be standing out in the hot sun.  There were five students and I started off telling them about the blank silk scarves and how to prepare them prior to printing.  I reviewed the class steps with them then I took them on a walk around the yard each with their own baggie to collect leaves and flowers for printing.  I offered two choices for their bundles.  Simmered in onion skins or steamed.  We had a fun time and everyone said they enjoyed it.  Some asked when I would be having another class!  I'm thinking I might have one in the fall. :)  Here are a few photos from the days events.

Remember to play a little everyday!
Peace, Diane