Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 2018

July is almost over!  I'm not doing very well keeping up with my Blog.  I have been busy getting ready for upcoming fairs.  We have one every weekend in August and I'm looking forward to them.
I've eco-printed more clothing and I'm very pleased with how some of my scarves have printed lately. Makes me want to do even more.  Right now I'm waiting for an order of blank scarves from Dharma and I'll be busy dyeing and printing again.  I have lots of men's neckties so I can work on those scarves for now.  I like making them but they aren't as fun to open as the eco-dyed ones are.  I have some pictures on my phone that I need to get onto the computer so I can share on this blog.  More technology to deal with.  Lots of rain lately, first the drought, then the rain!!!  Humidity isn't fun and I've had to use the air conditioner more than I like to lately.  Off to check on a scarf I steamed today.  The Hebron Fair is Saturday and I have to get things ready, new tags for clothing, some note cards made with eco prints and organize!!

An up-cycled linen shirt I eco printed this month. Very pleased with the results.

Ronnie and I took a short vacation trip to Camden, Rockport Maine. We had perfect weather and enjoyed visiting two lighthouses and their small museums.  We also spent a day at the Maine Transportation Museum.  So many vintage cars it made my head spin!  They also had vintage airplanes and excellent displays including photos and a summary on each item.  I took many photos and really enjoyed the visit.  I would recommend to everyone.  I had my lobster roll and Ronnie his fried clams.  We celebrated summer!!

View of the bay from our room in Maine.

The roses in front of the house were beautiful again this year.  Only wish they would bloom all summer long.

Remember, play a little every day!

Monday, May 14, 2018

May 2018

I enjoyed my Mother's Day very much.  Cards, gifts and hugs!

Eco Printing Continues:
May has been a good month, much warmer and the trees and flowers are coming alive.  I'm ready to gather some leaves and print more clothing  Over the winter I have purchased some tops from thrift stores.  Quality brands and in great shape only.  Here's one I printed last week.  I soaked it in soy milk overnight after giving it a good hot wash with Dawn in the machine.  I used trash bag cut up as a resist and rolled the blouse up on a wooden rod. I dipped leaves in iron water and placed them on the linen blouse. It was steamed for two hours and I'm pleased with the results.  More results in the future. Practice and surprise is the name of the game.

In these photos it still needs to be washed and ironed.

Remember to Play a Little Every Day,
Peace, Diane

Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring is Here, Finally!!

Yes, finally Spring seems to be here.  It's taken it's time coming this year. Now I heard it will be in the 80's next week in NH.  Oh no!!
I love the cool/warm spring air and I'm in no hurry for the blazing sun of summer.  However, I am very anxious for all the plants and trees to come alive with flowers and leaves.  Here are little plants that have come up in my small garden recently.

I have been dyeing more scarves in preparation for the upcoming fairs and Farmers Market.  As of last week I have some of my transfer dyed and eco dyed scarves for sale at a shop in Concord, NH. The Marketplace of New England on Main Street.  Ronnie has some small bandsaw boxes and shawl pin and disk pin sets for sale there as well.

Here's some of my latest work:

Iron Carrier cloth for silk pillow

Transfer Dyed Silk Scarves                                        Simmered in Logwood Dye, Eco Printed

Onion Skin Dye, Simmered 1 hour

Remember to Play a Little Each Day!
Peace, Diane