Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun Painting Silk Scarf

Today I painted a silk scarf with fabric paint.  I'm not thrilled with the results, I think a pre-schooler could have done as well.  Anyway, here's the photo process of what I did.  The scarf what white to begin with.  I painted on the indigo blue then the green.  Added some salt and let it dry.  Shook off the salt and let the scarf "rest" for awhile.  I ironed the scarf and tied it in a loop to take a picture.  I'm liking it better now.  I enjoyed the process but hope for better results next time. I think I'll dye one next time!
I'm donating this to the "Enduring Earth" challenge.  Sales of the scarves will be donated to The Nature Conservancy.  This challenge is sponsored by Fiberarts Connection a nonprofit 501.
The scarves entered will be exhibited and sold to raise funds at Wilson Community College, Wilson, NC.  After the show the scarves that do not sell will be sold online or possibly in another venue.  Photos of the entries will be posted on the Fiberarts Blog.  I'll keep you posted. 

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