Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Cook'n?

Is that soup on the stove?  Nope, just dyeing fabric with some coffee!  I was at it again today for a short time in between doing some work.  The muslin was just too light for what I want to use it for, so a quick bath in some brewed coffee and it's PERFECT!  While I was at it, I put in some canvas too so I could use that on today's project. 

Here's one of my quiltlets using my rust dyed fabric, printed fabric with paint sticks, soy wax printing and the canvas I dyed with coffee today.  It's all here in this little piece along with a photo transfer (3 in a row) of the back window of an old rusty truck.  I scrunched up some of the rust dyed fabric and attached it to the upper left of the transfer photo.  I machine quilted this with clear thread.  I added some embellishments to the middle, spelling out the word RUST with some metal letters and a stamp for the letter "S".  Maybe I'll attach an old truck key?

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