Sunday, October 30, 2016


Tomorrow night little kids and some bigger kids will be knocking on my door.  "Trick or Treat"?  I'm all set with a box of 30 original size chocolate bars and a bag of smaller ones.  I love seeing the little ones all dressed up in their costumes.  There are some very talented, creative parents out there. :)

My grandchildren are all grown up now so I don't get to see them as often.  Two of them are in college and they will have Halloween Parties with their friends.  They do post photos on Facebook so I will see their costume choices.  My youngest grandson is 16 and I'm not sure what his plans are this year.  I believe last year he stayed home and passed out candy.  Our local recreation department has a party each year with candy and activities for the children.  That was held yesterday.

Sometimes getting older and "growing out" of activities isn't fun.
But with Halloween people of all ages can celebrate in some way.  There are corn mazes to go through, pumpkin chunk'n events and more!  I'll be celebrating with my brother at his nursing home.  I will be dressed as a witch and we'll have a nice lunch.  The home is already decorated for the holiday and I'm sure we'll all have a delightful time!

Remember to Play a Little Each Day!
Peace and Happy Halloween, Diane 

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