Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today I had a very nice lunch with some of my classmates from high school.  Yes, that was a very long time ago, but many of us keep in touch though FB and it was suggested we meet for lunch.  It worked out great but we were sorry some had to work so could not come.  Maybe next time we'll go to lunch on a weekend day.  We might even do this every other month and whomever can go will show up!  It's an idea anyway we'll see how it goes.
I've been doing more rust dyeing and screen printing.  Nothing to post right now, but after I do a little more and take a few pictures, I'll add them to my Blog.  A few of us went over to The Studio in Laconia after lunch to take a look at my and Ronnie's photo exhibit.  Sharon tried out one of the adult hula hoops for sale, yes, I did too but thank goodness no one took my picture.  Great job Sharon!
You can see some of the exhibit behind Sharon, it looks pretty good I think.  Tomorrow night is the Opening and Artist's Reception.  So Ronnie and I will be there to meet people and talk with them about our photographs.  Some of Ronnie's deer antler jewelry is on sale there too!

Bye for now!

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