Saturday, November 17, 2012

Organized and Improved Craft/Mixed Media Space!

I've been busy with more cleaning up, organizing and fun times!  My craft room is all set.  My wonderful organization lady (Karen of Tranquil Spaces), and I were busy last week finishing up that room.  My sewing room is on hold for the moment until the carpenter can make it back to put in storage on the other side of the room.  My friend Kathleen came over this past week and we "christened" the Craft Room!  Here are some things that were done to get this room organized:
  • Cleaned out anything in the room that wasn't craft related.
  • Plastic storage drawers I had been using in the sewing room are now used for craft supplies.
  • Organized the drawers with labels ie. nature stamps, background stamps, collage paper, tissue paper, tools, stamp pads and so forth.
  • Re-arranged the tables and added one more long table. 
  • Got a larger wastepaper basket!
  • Cleaned off my computer desk and stored the paper I use when printing in a small cupboard next to my computer desk.
  • Another waste basket for under the computer desk!
  • The closet is organized with bookcases and bins that hold extra paper, cd's, floppy disks, cords to various machines, a bin marked "Memories" where those things that I just can't let go of right now end up.
  • A bin of photographs (I have too many to go through) so it's good to have them all in one area and I can go through them when I want to. 
So all my craft/mixed media supplies are organized and waiting for me to "Play".  I'll have more time for that after the holidays and I'm looking forward to getting my sewing room done next.

Here are a couple of picture of my craft room.  I took a "before" picture and it's somewhere on my computer, yet to find it!  So these are "After" photos.

My friend Kathleen in the new, improved workspace.

Oh yes, almost forgot!  Here is a picture of my Sewing Room Storage.  I know I posted a photo of the dresser I had built in but here's a good picture of all the storage.  Now to get that built in on the other side of the room and the floor done... WOW!

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