Thursday, August 1, 2013

Busy As A Bee

I've been busy having a great time in my sewing room/studio.  I sell note cards at a local Farmer's  Market and at some small fairs.  I also make fiber art quilts.  Several friends and my honey, Ronnie, have encouraged me A LOT to place some of my small wall hangings for sale.  A local fair was held in a small New England village on Newfound Lake, NH very near where we are.  So we set up our vendor booth with our goods, this time including some of my fiber art wall hangings.  It was a good day with many people attending the fair.  I sold two wall hangings that day and another today!  I'm very pleased to find that some others like what they see in my designs.  I'll be making more, but as always for the fun of it and it's what I do!  Here is one I sold and a new one featuring a kale leaf scanned, enhanced in Picasa, inkjet printed on to cotton and added as a feature along with some shabori dyed fabric I did recently.


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