Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grand Isle, Vermont Visit

We had a wonderful few days in northern Vermont this past week.  Our little cottage was comfortable and in a nice quite location along Lake Champlain.
 We did a day trip to Shelburne Museum where I saw art quilter, Velda Newman's beautiful, large, Art Quilt Wall Hangings! When we planned our trip to visit Shelburne I was so pleased to learn some of her wall hangings were on display.  Now imagine my surprise when she walked in the door as I was admiring her work.  She was scheduled to give an hour presentation (that I did not know).  Sign up was for 15 people so it was time for us to go so the presentation could get started.  As we walked away from the building, a bit sad, a young woman ran up to us and said she had been told there was more room in the presentation and she was told to "go get the people from New Hampshire!"  Another wonderful surprise!  I went to the presentation and enjoyed talking with the others that were there and of course hearing from Velda how she created her wonderful quilts.  I got my picture taken with her in front of one of my favorite pieces (Zinnias).

 After the talk, we kept running into her as we toured the rest of the museum.  In the gift shop I was buying some of her post cards and she walked in!  I requested her autograph and assured her I wasn't stalking her :)

Shelburne is awe inspiring and if you ever get the chance, you must visit.

Take a little time each day to play!

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