Monday, September 12, 2011

A Weekend Get Away

We took a trip to Lake George, NY this past week to attend the Adirondack Car Show. (Click on Link to see more of my photos of the show). It's a three day event with so many cars I couldn't believe my eyes!! We settled in to our motel room right on beautiful Lake George and with only one other family there at the time, it was lovely and quiet.  We went to the show on Friday morning at 8 AM and didn't leave until about 1:30 PM.  Lots of walking and snapping pictures along the way.  So many cars to see that Ron and I both got a little tired of taking pictures and decided to just walk around and observe, and enjoy the show.

We ran into two detours on our way to NY.  As most of you know, Vermont was hard hit by the storm, Irene.  Large trucks hauling stone and dirt were all around us as we traveled.  They've done a good job making most of the roads accessible but there's still a lot to do before winter hits.  On the way home I took a few photos of a house that lost their front yard to the river and across the street from the house, a big chunk of the hillside was washed away due to the river's rushing water.  The roadway was repaired so that it was in use, but there's still a lot to do.  We saw similar sights all along the route of our travels.  Water is a most powerful element!

I haven't done too much art lately. I've been focused on getting photographs taken of the vintage items I've picked up at Davisville Flea Market and some yard sales.  I have a vintage shop on Etsy as well as my shop selling photo note cards and photographs in several sizes.  I enjoy working on my shops, changing them around and adding new items.  We stopped in Whitehall, NY at one of our favorite antique shops.  We learned the owners are retiring and looking for a buyer for the place or it will close in December.  Sure hope they find a buyer, it's a great shop.  Many of the booths were having sales and I got 50% off some of the things I bought!

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