Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy and Sad Times

I have written and re-written this post a few times.  I want to remember the good and fun things about this holiday season but there was some sadness thrown in as life will have it.  The adult daughter of a very close friend passed away suddenly before Christmas.  My friend, Donna is coping well with the loss, but I know the next few months will be difficult for her.  I'll be available to offer comfort.

My sister had a close call, she was in an auto accident before the holidays and suffered cuts, bruises and a fractured cheekbone.  She's recovering well and she even joined us for our "Family Christmas" celebration.  My sister-in-law is recovering from open heart surgery and doing well.  She also joined us.  We are all so thankful to have a close and loving family.  It was a wonderful celebration hosted by my good friends, Muffie and Norman, many thanks to them!

I want to wish everyone the Best New Year! 
More sewing, quilting, mixed media work and gardening in the spring!  Lots to look forward to!

That's me on the left in the front next to my brother Sidney, sister, Dot, her husband John, my brother, Dickie and his wife Barbara.  My daughter Karen took this photo so I could be in one of them.  I usually take all the pictures and don't get in many (by choice!)

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  1. D, so sorry for the sadness your loved ones have been experiencing. And you for that matter. But it's a good thing you can still find things to be grateful for. It's the only way to muddle through. I LOVE this picture!!!!

    It's what the holidays (and life)are all about.