Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabric Design Continues Through The Years

Rust & SunPrint

I have been interested in fabric design for several years.  In the 70's I worked in a shop where we ran machines that produced polyester knits, very big at the time!  My job was to rethread the machines exactly so the design would be knit correctly.  Now I enjoy screen printing, fabric dyeing and fabric rusting and use the fabric in some small art quilts.  My goal is to move on to a larger piece and I have ideas for that churning around in my head.

I've followed a Blog I like for several years now and it's been fun seeing this artist grow and develop into someone most of the art quilt world is familar with.  Lynn Krawczyk is a wonderful writer and that's what held my attention when I read her earlier blogs. She has a series she's done for years, called "Where I Stand".  She  photographs her feet in different places each week and posts on Sundays.  She includes a poem or a comment along with her photo.  She has produced several books using these postings.  She's gone on to set up an Etsy shop where she sells her thermofax screens.  I'm a customer and expect to buy more very soon!  She's been on Quilting Arts TV and has published articles in their magazines as well as others. Now she is making and selling her fabric designs! This girl has MOTIVATION and her hard work is finally paying off!! I've linked this post to her blog address so you can check this out for yourself, enjoy!

In talking with a close friend today, she told me of a show she saw about Charles and Ray Eames, husband and wife team who developed many beautiful designs in furniture, fabric and more.  Some of Ray's designs remind me of the ones that Lynn is doing now.

Have a Great Weekend everyone!

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