Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fiber Art Discharge Paste, fun, fun, fun!!

I tried some of the discharge paste I bought some time ago on line from ProChemical Co., and it was Fun!  I'll be doing more.  I just learned they have the product in a mist too so I'll give that a try.
I took a piece of dark commercial fabric and ironed on a stencil of two trees.  I had previously done some bleach discharge on this fabric and it turned orange.  I thought the trees would remain black and the background would become orange but that didn't happen with this product.
I traced the pattern onto freezer paper, cut it out and ironed it onto the fabric shiney side down.
Be sure and iron all the edges so the stencil will work as a mask and no paste will get under the stencil.
Paint the paste all over the fabric where you want it to discharge. Not too thick but make sure to cover well.  When the paste is DRY, iron with a hot steam iron and you will see the magic happen.  Warning:  use this product in a well ventilated area!  Wash out fabric, dry and press.

When I finished ironing the fabric I decided to add some interest to it.  I stenciled a bird on top of one of the trees with a blue paint stick and I stamped "Inspire" with a stamp and pad ink.  Now on to machine quilting.  I'll post the finished product soon.  If you'd like to try this technique, I'd be happy to answer any questions.  Thanks to Linda and Laura Kemshell for the tree pattern (that I altered.)  This was fun!  Make a little joy each day!

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  1. I finished this into a small wall hanging and put it up for sale in 2014. It's gone and I plan on making another with a similar process.