Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some New Photographs for Note Cards !

I have taken some pictures and made a few more into Note Cards to sell at upcoming Farmer's Markets and Fairs.  I especially like this one of my garden shed with the wreath.  My most popular photograph has been the Pink Truck and Camper with Bicycles.  I took that one a few years ago as the Castle In The Clouds Car Show.  I've sold many of them and I'm happy people like it enough to purchase one from me.  There are so many things on Etsy and many, many cards to choose from.  I'm always pleased when I get an order.  Recently a woman from Beverly Mass. purchased 12 cards and my two other recent sales were also 10 or more cards so I'm feeling pretty good about my shop right now.

Here's another favorite I took while visiting my daughter at her house.  She loves vintage and rusty things.  This rusty star is waiting to be put somewhere, but for now it's leaning against this moss covered tree and I thought I would make a good subject for a note card!  Let me know what you think.

Most of my note card photographs are also available in several size prints up to 16x20.  If you want a photo larger than that, just email me, I'll let you know the price and I'll set up a special order for you.  Canvas, Metallic and other prints are also available.

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