Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dyeing with Silk Neckties

Silk Tie Transfer Dyeing, Fun, Fun, Fun!
I learned about this technique from the Bloom, Bake and Create blog I follow.  I had read about the process years ago in Quilting Arts Magazine, Nov. Dec. 2010 issue, but I'd forgotten about it until I saw Lynda's post.  I got out my issue and along with Lynda's tutorial I gave it a try!

My 100% silk ties.

Silk Ties Cut Up and Placed on one half of a 100% white silk scarf.

Fold over the scarf on top of the silk ties.

 With Muslin under the plain scarf, fold the muslin over too.

Then roll the scarf with the muslin up tight and fasten with string and or elastics. Fill a pan with enough water to cover the bundle.  Bring to a boil and add 2-3 TBS. of white distilled vinegar. Place the bundle in the pan. Place a small plate or some other object to keep the bundle from floating to the top.   Let it "cook" for 20 minutes.  Take the bundle out of the water with tongs and place on an old towel.  Let cool a bit then take off string/elastics.  Open up the scarf and delight in your creation.

My results.

  Hang the scarf to dry, iron to set the dye.  Wash and Dry again to be sure the vinegar odor is gone.  Recommendation: Use dark ties, 100% silk only, ties may be reused but will be lighter each time.

(As always when you dye, do not use any of your utensils/pans for cooking. Keep them just for dyeing.)

Now I will be dyeing some Easter Eggs with ties!!!  It looks like great fun!  Here's a link to that process I found on line.

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