Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Local Crafts, Holiday Shopping

My cold is gone and I'm feeling pretty good now.  While I wasn't feeling very well, I surfed the net, read other's Blogs and enjoyed looking at other's Etsy Shops.  Many wonderful locally handmade things out there, let's not buy Made in China this holiday season.  You can go to the Etsy site and click on Shop Local.  Type in New Hampshire and there you go.  An Arts and Crafts Fair brought right into your home.  Save on gas and avoid long lines.

Of course I have to go out and do some holiday shopping.  It's become a Tradition for me, my daughters and best friend to make a plan and head out to some local shops.  We especially like going to Cobblestone Design in Concord, NH.  I believe their open house is the first weekend of December. (no affiliation, just like them).  They decorate their shop with many, many Decorated Christmas Trees and thousands of ornaments to look at and purchase.  Oh yes, they have wonderful goodies to eat for their open house too, can't forget that.  A nice snack while on your shopping trip!

I've added a link to an Etsy Shop that is having a contest.  I thought you might like to Check It Out!

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