Monday, April 4, 2011

A Very Busy Weekend!

I had a very busy and fun weekend.  First on Saturday I went to my niece Heather's play in MA which was followed by a wonderful dinner prepared by my sister-in-law and brother.  A feast of Brazillian dishes was served and very much appreciated by everyone.  Twenty of us at dinner, we had two tables in the dining room and one in the kitchen.  The meal ended with a cake in honor of Heather's performance.  A very delightful time.  Heather is a cancer survivor and we are all so proud of her strong determination!

On Sunday I went to my granddaughter, Kimberly's 14th birthday party.  Lots of family members were there and she spoke with her maternal grandmother, who is in Florida, by phone.  Gift certificates, jewelry, makeup and chocolate candy were some of her excellent gifts.  My daughter Karen brought a wonderful fruit salad and we had a taco dish, chips, popcorn and of course cake and ice cream!  Congratulations Kimberly!

It was a good weekend!

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