Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Car Inspection Etc.

I brought my car to the car dealership this time because the middle break light was out and it wouldn't pass inspection without it.  Apparently this is a very difficult light to replace and even the dealership had a difficult time with it.  Since my wait was going to be over 2 hours, they asked if I'd like to take out one of their 2011 Sonatas.  Well YES!  I really like the looks of that car and it was fun getting a chance to drive one.  The drivers seat was raised quite a bit when I got in causing me to hit my head pretty hard on the door frame.  Ouch!  But I figured out how to adjust everything and then took it for a nice ride.  I'm not going to buy one.  I'd like to, but this isn't the year for me to be doing that.  I was impressed with the dealership and will return there for service.  They were all very polite and accomodating.  The bill wasn't bad either, reasonable.  I also got new number plates for the car.  No more vanity plates for me.  The state is charging $40. extra each year to keep the plates.  I've gone back to just numbers and that's fine with me.  They were a one time $3.00 charge.  I don't know how our government thinks they are going to make any money from this TAX.  I know many people who are giving up their vanity plates because of the added cost.

More sunshine is on the way!

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