Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today's My Birthday

Birthdays-When we were youngsters we were excited about having a birthday party, in our teens we were concerned about who liked us and who to invite and as we grow older it is about family and loved ones.  It's so nice to hear from my brothers and sister on my birthday with a "Happy Birthday" phone call.  We aren't in touch as often as we would like.  We are all growing older.  I'm the youngest of four and was sometimes called "the baby" of the family.  There are several years between us, in some cases almost 15 years.  I'm now a grandmother and enjoy birthday parties that my children have for their children.  This year we've already had two such birthdays, both for my granddaughters, Maegan and Kimberly.  One in January and one in April.  My grandson Dillon turns 16 this April 15th so his birthday celebration is next!  Tomorrow I am invited to my son's house for a cookout/birthday get together.  The best part of the day will be spending time with my children and grandchildren.  I'm a very fortunate Aries woman.

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