Thursday, May 27, 2010

Close Encounter of the Truck Kind

I had a close encounter early last night. Not with an alien ship but with a large pick up truck. I was traveling home from Concord on Rt. 3 N. and saw a big black truck coming south. I watched in shock as he lost control, left the road and went down the shoulder, up a small embankment then across the road into my lane (missed me!) went off onto my side of the road and flipped at least 3 times. The driver behind me told the police he flipped at least 5 times. I really didn't see as he sped past in front of me. All I was trying to do was not get hit and thankfully it worked out. I was shook up but recovered and waited for the ambulance and police to arrive. The 16 year old male driver got right out of his truck, which landed right side up and walked over to us. Believe he was in shock. He was hurt from his seatbelt but it probably saved his life! It turned out that this boy grew up across the street from me, (moved recently). When his mother arrived she couldn't believe it was me, and I told her I was so glad he didn't hit me...oh yes, and that he's okay! She's very thankful as well and gave me a big hug. Be careful out there!

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