Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Craft Fair Season

As most of you know, this is craft fair season.  I was invited to a fair in Nashua and did that fair last Saturday.  Today I got an invite from Oyster River School in Durham and I'm considering it.  I had a good response to my photographs and the deer antler jewelry and hope to get the word out a little more.  So since I have all my "stuff" ready, why not do another one?  I'll think about it over this holiday weekend.

People had positive things to say about my items and that helps motivate me I guess even though I do this as just a hobby and don't really intend to make it my full time business.  I love taking photographs and making things with fabric, paper, my sewing machine and many other items!  I've included a couple of photos of my set up at the craft fair this past Saturday.

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