Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Time Means The Flower Show!!

My daughter Karen and I along with my close friend Donna, went to Boston last Thursday to the Flower Show.  I took one wrong exit but thanks to GPS I did okay finding our way to the parking garage.  The show was very good and I always love seeing all the spring flowers blooming and this year they had beautiful tree displays.  It's was a lot of walking but we were so interested in all that was around us we didn't mind and we didn't realize how time had gone by.  The photo exhibit is something I'm always interested in seeing.  I had hoped to enter this year but I didn't get around to it in time.  Maybe next year I'll give it a try.  After checking out the vendor stalls we were on our way out when we noticed the shop selling roses was practically giving some away!!  Two dozen for $12.00.  Their regular price was $10. per dozen which I didn't think was bad when I first saw their shop.  The fellow who was standing near the exit holding the flowers explained they were "opening up" and that was all.  I bought two bunches of two dozen roses.  Daughter chose the yellow ones and I chose a beautiful pink.  Karen and I shared some of each and I gave Donna some to take home.  I was concerned they would be all droopy the next day but not so, they were BEAUTIFUL for almost a week.  We had a good time, lunch/dinner at at Anthony's Pier 4 then

Now to think about cleaning up my yard and planting my own flower gardens!

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