Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holidays

The holidays are almost over.  We've eaten too much and had some wonderful visits with friends and family members.  It's time to start putting away the decorations..maybe New Year's Day.  We had a wonderful family get together at my daughter's home.  I was given many wonderful gifts and the big suprise was the apron my granddaughter, Kimberly, made in school.  I thought she was going to give it to her mother, but she decided she wanted to gift it to me!  I love it.  I had given her three fabrics from my stash to choose from as it really didn't make sense for her to go to the store to buy fabric when I have so much right here.  I'll be wearing this when making next year's Christmas Cookies instead or wiping my hands on the sides of my jeans while baking.
Looking forward to a full and fun New Year!
Here I am posing with my new apron.
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