Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowstorm and Beautiful Birds

We had quite a good snowstorm today.  It started early A.M. and continued for most of the day.  They closed the office I work at on Wed. so I've been cleaning and decorating the house all day.  The tree looks pretty good, especially when I found the rest of the lights that needed to go on it.  UPS delivered my order from LLBean today, quick delivery!!  Now I have to wrap presents.  So much to do.

I was sitting eating lunch this afternoon and looked across out the window to see a beautiful Cardinal!!  I love them !  I grabbed my camera and took lots of shots.  Most of them came out pretty terrible, out of focus etc. probably because it was snowing so hard (I think the auto focus got confused).  But I like this one and a couple of others.  I'll be making cards from them and listing on my Etsy Shop.

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