Sunday, December 6, 2009

Art Quilt Challenge

Today we got the news! The theme for the 1st quilt challenge is the word, COMFORT. I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head but don't want to over think it. One of my good friends is a Health and Hospice nurse so that comes to mind as one idea. Many others, so I'll see where it takes me. I can't post it here until I've finished it and posted it to the challenge site. We will be making a 12" x 12" mini quilt every other month so this is due in February.

Snow arrived last night! It was so beautiful, large, fluffy flakes, great to make snowballs. Yes, I had my first snowball fight of the season. It wasn't too serious and a lot of fun. I'm having a difficult time posting pictures to my blog, so I'll have to get that figured out pretty soon so I can share more pictures with you.

I had a good time yesterday going to some nice little shops with my daughters and two of my grandkids. My good friend Muffie was able to come over from the coast to join us. We went to a farm that had the funniest goats. They look like they have smiles on their faces. I didn't have my camera so didn't get any shots of them. The kids fed them some bread, and it was all so cute with the snow falling around them.

Off to see if I can find some partridge berries with my sister so we can make some berry bowls. We'll have to check under the snow!

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