Friday, December 14, 2012

Carpenter's Gone, Now I Must Paint

The carpenter has come and gone.  Now all I need to do is paint, paint, paint!
Then have carpet put down.  All my sewing supplies and fabric will have their own place and I'll have a peaceful place to work and play!  The new year is looking good so far.

I'm hosting my annual Dinner at Diane's for a few of my close friends.  It's a nice addition to my holiday celebrations.  After dinner we have "craft time" and this year we will be making the House and Heart ornaments.  I've made templates, gathered scissors and glue sticks so the craft time is all set.  The menu has finally been decided will be Roast Pork Loin with herbs, red potatoes and fresh string beans.  One of my friends is bringing a salad and another a cranberry sauce.

Last minute me, I'm setting up my Christmas tree, decorating it and cleaning up the house a bit.  I have a few more decorations I'd like to set up.

Here are a coupe of photos of the other wall in my sewing room.  New storage in the knee wall!  Love it!

Happy Day!


 It is finished off more than this now, when they took a lunch break I went up a took a few pics.
I'll post an updated photo of the room soon.  Have a good day!

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