Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sewing Room Re-do & Bud Vase

The carpenter got in touch with me this week.  He had told me that he wouldn't be able to work  on the other side of my sewing room until December.  I called to give him a little reminder as I'm anxious to finish up the room and start enjoying it!  He'll be here a week from this Monday and I'm so happy!!!  More storage and a sunny room to work in!

We did a fair in New London, NH today.  Very nice fair with quite a few booths.  This was our first year and we definately plan to return next year.  Ronnie did very well selling his hand crafted wooden utensils and shawl/hair pins and disks sets.  He also sold one of the new small bud vases that he's made.  We'll be giving larger ones to family for Christmas.

It snowed out today but the weather is warming up over the next few days so it will all be gone by tomorrow afternoon.  I like having snow in December, gets me in the spirit of the holidays.  But we don't need too much snow! : )

Here's a photo of one of the bud vases made from cherry wood.  They are nice for dried flowers or fresh.  You can also put small beads in the clear holder or maybe colored sand when you use dried flowers or weeds for a different look.  Lots of options.

Have a great week!

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