Thursday, June 24, 2010

It Rained But The Sale Went On

On Friday before the yard sale, the weatherman said Saturday looked good up until 2PM when we could expect showers.  So the  Art & Craft Supply sale went on as scheduled.  A good number of people came first thing and I'm happy to say I made some sales.  So I got rid of some of my older "stuff" and of course found other things to buy while there.  One seller had so many things that I would have liked to buy that it was difficult to decide without going in the hole.  I'm selling some of my quilting magazines & books,  some fabric and other craft related items.  I used to make Santas, Dolls and Stuffed animals so I have things like eyelashes, eyes, noses for bears etc.  Didn't sell much except some straw hats for dolls.  The batting and pillow foams went quickly at a very, very low price.  Patti said she's going to put on another similar sale in the Fall and I'll try again.  Hopefully, we'll have much better weather.  Now I've decided to have my own yard sale on some upcoming Saturday..too be announced.

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