Saturday, June 26, 2010

They Are The Champions!

Girls Softball----Congratulations Mangos!
My grand daughter Kimberly is the catcher for her softball team.  She does an excellent job and the rest of the team are very good too.  It's been great watching these teens come up through the years to become such great players!  I remember one of their first practices when they were very little.  One little girl ran to third base first not yet knowing where first base was.  They've come a very long way!!  They beat Andover's team last night in a very close game.  Kimberly caught the whole game and also got the winning run at the end of the game.  This is a very proud Grandmama!  I would be proud of her even if they hadn't done so well.  They are such good sports and love the game.  Congratulations to the Franklin Girls Softball Team!!  We'll miss the starting pitcher, Kelsey, next year because she's moving up to high school level ball. Soon the others will join her and we'll have fun seeing what they can do in the years ahead!

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